Renault Clio “Summer hit” 30 secondi
Dacia Duster 30 secondi
Nuova Renault Twingo 30 secondi
Renault ZOE 30 secondi
Renault Pull Clima 30 secondi
Renault Clio Moschino 30 secondi
Centrale Latte Roma 30 secondi
Dacia Sandero 25+5 secondi
Arera 30 secondi
Renault Kadjar 25+5 secondi
Mazda CX 5 30 secondi
Mazda 3 30 secondi
Confindustria “Best performer” 30 secondi
Renault Gamma SUV “Black Friday” 25 secondi
Mazda Automotor Roma 30 secondi
Hyundai SUV Combo 25 secondi
Renault Veicoli Commerciali 30 secondi
Hyundai i20 25 secondi
Mazda X-Day 30 secondi
Renault “Programma Green” 25 secondi
Renault Twingo GPL 25 secondi
Mazda “Whatsapp” 25 secondi
Renault Kadjar Easylife 25 secondi
Hyundai Ecoincentivi 25 secondi
Hyundai SUV Combo 30 secondi
Mazda CX-3 25 secondi
Hyundai Tucson 30 secondi
Million Day “SPA” 30 secondi
Million Day “Barca” 30 secondi
10 e Lotto “Quiz” 30 seconds
10 e Lotto “Rigore” 30 seconds
Renault “Pull Clima” 30 seconds
Renault “Promo Green” 30 seconds
Mazda CX-5 30 seconds
Renault Koleos 25+5 seconds
10 e LOTTO ” Botola” 30 seconds
Renault Captur 25+5 secondi
Hyundai Tucson 25+5 seconds
Noemi x Fiorella Rubino 30 seconds
CNA “Spremi-Imprenditori” 30 seconds
Hyundai City Car “Party” 25+5 secondi
Hyundai Ioniq 25+5 seconds
Team System “Lavoro” 30 seconds
Nuova Gamma Renault “Clio” 25+5 seconds
Renault Scenic Multisense 25+5 seconds
Ginnika 30 seconds

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