Source Connect Pro
APT Worldnet MILANO link ISDN
CDQ First 120 link ISDN
Dat Tascam DA 45 High Resolution 24-bit
2 Dat Tascam DA 302
2 CD-RW Tascam 2000
2 Turntable Technics SL 1200 Mk 2
CD player Studer A 730
Sony Betacam SP UVW 1800 with USD Sync
Umatic Sony VO 5800 ps
VHS Hi-Fi Sony Smart Link
DVD +/- R Sony HD
Tape Recorder Revox b 215
2 Tape Recorders Tascam 122 MK III
Analog Recorder 1/4, Studer A 807
Video Monitor Panasonic 42, PLASMA
Video Monitor Sony Trinitron 16/9 28, LCD
Video Monitor JVC 17, LCD
Connecting to Internet with fiber optic
Server FTP

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